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The Wyoming Collaborative for Healthy Soils (WCHS) is a multi-stakeholder engagement effort aimed at engaging the broad agricultural community to identify ways to support producers in the voluntary adoption of soil health practices on croplands and grazing lands.

Started by Dr. Jay Norton in Winter 2022, WCHS is now led by Dr. Liana Boggs Lynch at the University of Wyoming with the support of Ground Up Consulting. The Wyoming Roadmap for Healthy Soils (see below) is the culmination of the work accomplished over the past year (2022 - 2023) and is intended to advance and incentivize the adoption of voluntary soil health practices in Wyoming.


WCHS’s core principles include being producer-centered; science and evidence-based; participatory, collaborative and transparent; and action-oriented. The group is committed to only pursue solutions that are voluntary and incentive-based and will not consider any new mandates.

Guided by a diverse Coordination Team, WCHS gained input from the agricultural community in various ways to develop the roadmap, including, 1) listening sessions, 2) producer and agricultural professional surveys; and 3) working groups. Working groups included: 1) Stakeholder Engagement; 2) Science and Practice; and 3) Education.Meetings of the full Collaborative were held regularly to engage and solicit feedback from those unable to otherwise participate.


For more information, please reach out to Natalie Allio at or Liana Boggs Lynch at

The Wyoming Collaborative for Healthy Soils is a project of the University of Wyoming


Wyoming Roadmap for Healthy Soils - 2023

Click here to view the Wyoming Roadmap for Healthy Soils 

Click here to view the Summary document (two-pager)

Click here to view the Stakeholder Engagement Results (Appendix 1)

Click here to view Science and Practice - Barriers and Recommendations (Appendix 2)

Click here to view Education - Barriers and Recommendations (Appendix 3)

Click here to view Participant Lists (Appendix 4)

Read the Roadmap!

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