The Wyoming Collaborative for Healthy Soils (WCHS) is a stakeholder engagement effort aimed at engaging the broad agricultural community to identify ways to support producers in the voluntary adoption of soil health practices on croplands and grazing lands.

Started by Dr. Jay Norton in Winter 2022, WCHS is now led by Dr. Liana Boggs Lynch at the University of Wyoming with the support of Ground Up Consulting.  This work will culminate in the development of a roadmap to advance and incentivize the voluntary soil health practices in June 2023.  As a member of the agricultural community, we hope that you will participate.  


Guided by a diverse Coordination Team, WCHS will gain input from the agricultural community in various ways to develop the roadmap, including 1) producer-focused listening sessions; 2) producer and agricultural professional surveys; and 3) working groups.  Larger meetings (“Collaborative Meetings”) will be held regularly to engage and solicit feedback from those unable to otherwise participate. 


WCHS’s core principles include being producer-centered; science / evidence-based; participatory, collaborative and transparent; and action-oriented. The group commits to only pursue solutions that are voluntary / incentive-based (no new mandates).  All are welcome to join the Coordination Team and to participate in working groups.  The three working groups are: 1) Stakeholder Engagement; 2) Science and Practice of Soil Health; and 3) Education.  

Whether you want to join the Coordination Team, participate in a working group, or simply attend Collaborative meetings, we encourage you to participate in WCHS!  For more information, please reach out to Natalie Allio at natalie.allio@gmail.com (Ground Up Consulting) or Liana Boggs Lynch at  lboggs2@uwyo.edu

The Wyoming Collaborative for Healthy Soils is a project of the University of Wyoming


Please feel free to use this informational one pager to let producers and agricultural professionals know about the Collaborative!

2 / Surveys for Producers and Ag Professionals

Getting producer input through listening sessions and surveys is a key part of the Collaborative process. Please help us distribute these surveys so we can hear from as many folks as possible!

We plan to hold around ten listening sessions virtually and in-person. If you would like to learn more, or have a potential venue for an additional listening session, please reach out. Stay tuned for more information about listening sessions.

Collaborative Documents